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Welcome to Medicus Locums Ltd!

We take a collaborative approach, which lead to successful outcome and ultimately establishes a partnership that lasts.

A truly Unique Company

Medicus Locums is not a run of the mill Locum Company. It has been established with various Ethical Principles in mind. The company was established by like minded professionals from both Medical and Locum backgrounds.

Benefits for all

The founders of the company have few key principles - helping people in need.
  • Hospitals get high quality professionals for work without paying over the odds.
  • Professionals earn the extra income with satisfaction.
  • The charitable companies get money from the profit of the company.

Supporting the NHS

The company was formed as an internal solution created by the severe shortage of doctors
  • The company works on a minimum profit basis which keeps the cost down for the Trusts.
  • Professionals get the most of the payment and are happy to continue to work
  • The quality of the doctors we provide are high due to the management structure
  • Majority of the Doctors want to come back and work due to the way they are treated

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